100ml CBD Cannapaw Topical Salve

Cannapaw · CBD Topical Salve


CBD Topical Salve for your pet. Get Yours today



The purest, nutrient dense and natural topical salve for your furry friend, ehanced with Certified USDA Organic CBD, Full Spectrum phyto-cannabinoids and healthy moisturizing fats.

Apply on the specific area and rub in as much as possible – Pain & inflammation, arthritis, skin issues, insect bites & skin allergies.

Strengths: 200mg CBD/100ml

INGREDIENTS // Certified USDA Organic Full Spectrum CBD · Colour Free, Paraben Free Avocado Butter· Sweet Almond Oil · Organic Coconut Oil · Hemp Seed Oil · Organic Neem Oil · Citrus Bioflavonoids

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Weight 180 g