Cannapaw · 30ml CBD Oil


Formulated for pets, Cannapaw CBD Pet Oil is designed to help all pets feel more vibrant, achieve wellness, and helps with joint pain, inflammation, anxiety and so much more.

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Keep your furry friend happy and active with our high-quality CBD supplements for pets.  Helps to maintain your four legged friend’s optimal health and overall quality of life.

Strength: 200mg Broad Spectrum CBD // 30ml dropper bottle

Recommended Use: Add the drops to your pet’s food if your pet is not a fussy eater and the food is consumed in one day/serving or drop directly into your pets mouth if not aggressive.

Recommended dosage: 
• Small Dogs  //  5 drops
• Med Dogs  //  5-10 drops
• Large Dogs  //  10-15 drops

The dosage might be different for each individual pet depending on size. It is recommended to start with a low dosage and to work up to a dosage that works best.

INGREDIENTS: Certified Broad Spectrum CBD, MCT Oil.

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