Silicone Soft Educational Blocks – 12 Set


Food Grade Silicone Blocks for Early Skills Development.



Product Description
Make learning and developing fun with these soft, silicone building blocks in pastel and dark colours. Each of the 12 blocks has a different number (or plus, minus, or equal sign), different animal, fruit corresponding with the number, different texture, and different shape. Your baby can build these blocks by matching the shape of one block to its corresponding ‘hole’ in another. You can also make sums, use them as bath toys, build towers, and so much more.


– Safe Soft Material – Soft blocks made of food-grade silicone, BPA Free, Safe and Non-toxic.
– Easy to clean with a wet wipe. Smooth edges and soft surfaces are safe for children.
– Educational Design – The bumps and grooves of the surfaces are great for little hands to grip.
– Blocks have raised pictures of animals, numbers, Shapes, Fruits, and Textures on them.
– Bath & Teething Toys – Soft enough for baby to chew on, and silicon material has made these useful when teething. Ensure that the block is completely dry inside after playing in the water.
– Early Learning Skills Development – Helping your baby develop an early cognition of shape, colour, etc.
– Improving kid’s hands-on ability, motor learning, and fostering an early sense of geometry.
– Super Fun for Baby – Your baby will also enjoy Stacking or knocking them down.
– It can be squeezed and will make some sound like a whistle which can attract babies and stimulate them to play with it.


• Naturally Bacteria Resistant
We know babies put everything in their mouths. After all, it’s how they explore the world around them. Thankfully, silicone has a natural resistance to bacteria, mold, fungus, odors, and stains. Silicone is also durable, long-lasting, and the colors stay bright.

• Easy to Clean and Sterilize
Silicone is antimicrobial. To clean, wash in warm soapy water and then dry thoroughly or just wipe with a damp cloth or spray with a natural dummy sterilizer.

What’s in the box
Silicone Soft Educational Blocks – Set of 12
Personalised Name Cotton Bag


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