Personalised Silicone Teethers, Munchers & Dummy Clips


Personalised Silicone Teethers, Munchers & Dummy Clips.



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Product Description
Silicone Teethers, Munchers & Dummy Clips for Babies – Teething is tough. Thankfully, we have playful, easy-to-hold teethers & dummy clips for ultimate teething relief and engage your little drooler. Made of BPA-free, non–toxic food-grade silicone, our baby teethers offer nubby textures on both sides. It offers two different textures for the babies to teeth on. The silicone rubber is soft on the gum while the harder wood provides much-needed relief.

• Naturally Bacteria Resistant
We know babies put everything in their mouths. After all, it’s how they explore the world around them. Thankfully, silicone has a natural resistance to bacteria, mold, fungus, odors, and stains. Silicone is also durable, long-lasting, and the colors stay bright.

• Easy to Clean and Sterilize
Both wood and silicone are antimicrobial. DO NOT SUBMERGE your wooden toys in water or allow them to be super wet for a long period of time. To clean, wash in warm soapy water and then dry thoroughly or just wipe with a damp cloth or spray with a natural dummy sterilizer. If the finish on your wood toy dulls over time, simply apply a food-grade oil, such as organic olive oil or coconut oil, on the wood. Let it soak in and wipe off.

– It’s 2 in 1 dummy clip and a teether.
– Teethers help to soothe and relieve those itchy gums and also with their sensory development, as babies like to discover with their mouths.
– We offer different shapes, materials, and textures.
– Teethers are made from 100% Medical-Food grade silicone – BPA FREE, Phthalates FREE, Cadmium FREE, PVC FREE and Lead-FREE, and raw/untreated beech wood.
– Wood can be treated with coconut oil as well as olive oil (coconut oil has antibacterial properties)

How to attach Teether Clip to a dummy?
Take the silk cord and insert it into the loop of the pacifier, now insert the clip through the loop created and you are done.

Muncher is NOT a toy and does contain small parts that could be a potential choking therefore parental supervision is essential at all times. A pacifier or a teething toy must be always attached to minimize the risks too. The Items should be regularly checked for any signs of wear and tear – this product does NOT last forever.

What’s in the box
Teether, Muncher, or Dummy clip
Personalised or Pureboo Branded Cotton Bag


Alyah Plum Muncher, Alyah Sage Muncher, Miah Mustard Muncher, Miah Plum Muncher, Emily-Rose Double Muncher, Mila Muncher, Noah Teether Clip, Bunny Teether Clip, Pink Dummy Clip, Black Dummy Clip

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