Personalised Hooded Baby Towel


To keep your little one warm and snug after a bath or swim with our microfibre hooded baby towel.
Please select colour & typo or write your own typo or baby name for a custom print. 




Product Description
There’s nothing quite like a squeaky clean baby in a soft and fluffy towel, right? Our Pureboo Hooded Baby Towel is made for just that. The corner flap fits neatly over your little one’s head and ears, leaving the rest of the towel to tuck all the way around. Made of premium microfibre – a soft and fluffy super absorbent material that will be kind to their skin and dry them up with minimal effort. After researching how to make a hooded towel that can serve you longer, we came to the conclusion that the thicker the fabric, the softer the towel, and the longer it looks new.

Machine Washable – We know how precious is every second spent with your baby, that’s why we designed this hooded towel with consideration for your needs. Thanks to its resistance and thickness, you can safely machine wash it as often as you need.


How do I use it
Wrap and bundle your baby up after bath time at home or away.

Why Pureboo babies love it
It’s made of premium quality microfibre – much more absorbent, faster drying, and more durable material for a long-lasting stay-new look, and it’s personalized with your choice of colour and typo.

What sets it apart
Our Pureboo Hooded Towels are not just normal towel fabric. It’s superior in quality, light, antibacterial, and easy on the skin. Microfibre is also five times more absorbent than normal cotton towels plus they are quick drying. Durable and strong, it will last you for years to come. If you like to hang your laundry out on the line to dry, they stay nice and soft because microfiber doesn’t get stiff and coarse as cotton bath towels do.

How to Store it
Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.


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